Mega Mike

I’m Mike, nice to meet ya…aka Mega Mike…aka Scooby…. all depends what show yer tuned in to lol, anyways i’ve been doin online radio for over 10 years and covered a wide range of musical styles. RBX Radio has been home for over 2 years now and I couldnt ask for a better crew of music lovers to be working with, presently I do two shows on rbx, Mondays with my co-host “Easy D” we do “Mixtape Mondays” (Monday 7pm est/12am uk) where every week we do a theme/special on a wide range of musical avenues. Thursdays is “Nothing but Grace” (Thursdays 7pm est/12am uk) a show dedicated to The Tragically Hip, a truly monumental Canadian Band, it’s 4 hours of mostly live in concert recordings spanning their career and interviews and rarities.