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Due to health and other commitments RBX Radio is closing down, but its not the end DR John is taking over and its all moved to his new site and station. it will still be the same djs and schedule as before. you can find it all here.. 


And lastly a big thank you to all who have listened and supported us over the years.

Please start using that one if you are staying and once you have all moved i will shut down rbx. I will still be around maintaining dr johns station so its not good by  Id like to thank you all for all the hard work and friendship over the years.. and i hope you all carry on with DR John...



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  1. what you need time to sort out requests ,lol tut tut tut
  2. after last weeks bit of rock n roll thought it would be good to play some tunes from a couple of my fave films,,American Graffiti and The Wanderers,loads of great tracks to choose from,,will see if i can get a few snips from them ,,,lol
  3. been ages since i did a covers set ,,lol
  4. 1st friday of the month and its been ages since i did a live track show ,so join me Mikey-J for the live classic rock show 2mora night from 7pm till 10pm,got a few bellters lined up
  5. hi folks,just had 1 of they thoughts lol gonna play a 1 hr special of guitar ballads no singing,mic,ect just fantastic tunes,so join me Mikey-j 2mora night for prob 'The best relaxing rock hr ever vol 1' ,,lol
  6. yep its that time again for the best friday night rock show on the web,full of your fav tracks,requests and a little bit of fun thrown in,join us in the chatroom from 7pm til 10pm
  7. tonight gonna be a whole lot o trance,got loads of new tracks,so get yersell sorted for a 3hr trance special
  8. need to chillaxe after the weekend,then tune into the finest blues show on the internet,,tracks in tonights show,,,mmmmm pass dont do sets,there will be a lot of awesome guitar blues,with a few of the usual suspects,,albert cummings,,,walter trout,,blindside blues band ect ect ect
  9. just heard about Chris Cornell,,so i will dig out some tracks from him and the diff bands he was part,,,sad day
  10. yep its that time again for the best classic rock show on the net,full of all your fav classics,along with your request,little bit of banter and great chat room,join us the rock freaks lol from 7pm till 10pm


More than just a radio!!! We are also a thriving online community.