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  1. 16 September at 10:30 Onward Enterprises CIC 1 Telford Way, Thetford Norfolk IP24 1HU
  2. Nice one ull be on the discovery channel next lol
  3. Nice one mikey
  4. Lol noce one hope you find something
  5. Hailing from the smokestacks of Hamilton, Ontario, self-proclaimed ‘angsty indie punk n’ roll’ act Wild Night is fast becoming one of Canada’s most energetic and memorable rock groups. With a sound comparable to Against Me!, Gaslight Anthem, Cloud Nothings, and Beach Slang, Wild Night marries a gritty, authentic rock sound with anthemic vocals and deeply personal lyrics. With their debut single ‘Indian Summer’, Wild Night found themselves charting on CBC’s revered R3-30 list. In addition, they’ve been lucky enough to share the stage with Courage My Love, James Blonde, and others in venues across the province. Wild Night follows up that release with 2017’s ‘Welcome Home’ EP. The 7 original tracks of ‘Welcome Home’ were produced, recorded, and engineered by the band themselves – marrying a DIY outlook with arena-sized melodies. This self-recorded EP is the natural culmination of the band’s journey from a dorm-room project to a full-fledged rock group. Wild Night is Rusty Carriere (Vocals, Bass, Guitar), Eric Davis (Drums), Oliver O’Brien (Guitar) and Justin White (Vocals, Guitar). facebook.com/wildnightonline wildnightmusic.bandcamp.com
  6. It sure looks like it buddy
  7. I bet this is fun to ride lol. Amazing
  8. This is one crazy ass small survival bike lol
  9. There are many causes for chronic pain, including AIDS, arthritis, cancer, sickle cell anemia, multiple sclerosis, and back, neck and spinal cord injuries, as well as degenerative hip and joint disorders and even severe burns. In almost every case, pain is not the primary condition, but a symptom that varies in duration, frequency and severity, and is different for every patient. While the underlying condition will determine how the pain is treated, it doesn't always dictate the proper pain management. Instead, this is determined by the kind and severity of pain. The goal in all cases, however, is for the patient experiencing pain to function as normally as possible, by reducing their pain as much as possible while also minimizing the side effects so often associated with pain therapies. Failure to adequately manage chronic pain doesn't merely result in an annoyed patient, but can lead to depression, despair, and even a death-wish, when patients refuse potentially life-saving procedures such as surgery or chemotherapy, which cause suffering in and of themselves. While cannabis is not a cure-all, it can serve at least two important functions in the safe and effective management of pain: It can provide actual pain relief, either when used alone, or when used in conjunction with other analgesics; It can control the nausea and vomiting that are common side effects of using opioid drugs, as well as the nausea, vomiting, and dizziness that often come hand-in-hand with ongoing severe pain. While opiates are an effective treatment for severe pain, they also tend to induce intense nausea that can cause not just discomfort, but may also lead to malnourishment, anorexia, cachexia (the wasting disease) and an overall decline in patient's health. Some patients find this nausea so bad that they're willing to stop their pain treatment just to end it. Conversely, an almost immediate relief from pain is provided by inhaled cannabis, and there are fewer adverse effects with this than there are with a common cannabinoid drug Marinol, which contains THC. There are two reasons for this: Inhaling cannabis allows the active components of it to be absorbed into the blood stream faster and with greater effectiveness. There are more cannabinoids present in inhaled cannabis than there are in Marinol, which contains only THC. These additional components may have additional anti-emetic (anti-nausea) properties, and have also been shown to provide better pain control than straight THC Research has also shown that spraying a cannabis extract under the tongue can provide an almost immediate relief from pain, as well. http://www.cannabissearch.com/medical-benefits/chronic-pain
  10. Lead singer from linkin park dies ..sad loss guys... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/music/2017/jul/20/chester-bennington-lead-singer-of-linkin-park-dies-at-age-41
  11. I owned an old delta turbo back in the day for a while was ok car. My fav has to be the Bently GT I would so love one of these ...
  12. Nice one mate more woodworking to come then lol
  13. So car goes for mot it passes ok with advisory on suspension arm ball joint. easy fix they say? So i go buy a new one which bolts on. Trouble is the old one is riveted on by 3 huge industrial sized rivets. Apparently just grind em off and tap em out. LMFAO 5 hours later after grinding, drilling and tapping and the help from our neighbour we finally did it. so advice if you own an older ford focus dont do it just buy a new arm lol.


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