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  1. Glen Campbell's Daughter Carries Out His Final Farewell In Last-Ever Music Video, 'Adiós' Glen Campbell's Daughter Carries Out His Final Farewell In Last-Ever Music Video, 'Adiós' Exactly two weeks before Glen Campbell passed away on Tuesday (August 8), he issued his final farewell to his fans. His goodbye message came through the form of a music video for his new song, "Adiós," and it's a visual masterpiece. Peter Zavadi directed the video, which tracks one of Glen's famous guitars as it embarks on an extensive journey. Starting in Nashville, the guitar manages to make its way to the coast of California, all thanks to a few friendly travelers and some of Glen's family members. Glen's daughter Ashley had the honors of sending the guitar off on its cross-country trip. She is the first person we see in the video, and the only person to actually play the guitar. This seems fitting, since Ashley learned everything she knows about music from her father. After Ashley parts ways with the guitar it bounces from person to person until it finally ends up in the hands of another Campbell family member, Glen's grandson, Jeremy Olson. Jeremy is the one who takes the guitar to the California shore and gives it a honorable send-off. He tosses the guitar in the ocean before lighting it on fire, an action meant to resemble a Viking funeral. Although the concept of the video is seemingly simple, it's one that manages to pull at your heart. In addition to being known as a talented singer and performer, Glen was known across genres as one of the best guitarists in history. So the fact that one of his guitars was used as his means of saying "goodbye" makes the video for "Adiós" all the more meaningful. Upon the video's release, Ashley spoke to Rolling Stone about her hopes for it: "My father's music has touched so many people's lives so I hope that this video will resonate with a lot of people. Music moves through us all in different ways, lighting a fire in each of us. That fire will always be burning as music keeps moving and as each of us continues to pass the torch." Since its July 25th debut, the music video for "Adiós" has been viewed nearly 400,000 times. That total is sure to increase as more people continue to pass along the torch that Glen carried with his music. Tune in below to watch the moving video for "Adiós," the last music video of Glen's career. We're so glad he left this behind for us to remember him by.
  2. Glen Campbell's Daughter Performs Heartbreaking Tribute To Her Father That Will Make You Weep Glen Campbell's Daughter Performs Heartbreaking Tribute To Her Father That Will Make You Weep A few years before his passing on August 8, 2017, Glen Campbell's daughter Ashley could see his Alzheimer's Disease slowly progressing. After Campbell revealed his diagnosis to fans in 2011, he embarked on his Goodbye Tour, which Ashley accompanied him on as a member of his band. When they returned, she moved to Nashville to pursue a solo career and had a realization that one day, her dad may not remember any of their greatest times together. While appearing on "Country's Family Reunion Kickin' Back Series," Ashley performed a heartbreaking song she wrote for her father, called "Remembering." "I wrote this song when...I knew that there was gonna be a time where he wouldn't recognize me pretty soon, that he wouldn't know who I was," she told the audience filled with country legends and stars alike. "We've always had a really special connection, so I wanted to have something that would maybe be able to reach out to him even when he can't really understand words anymore, and that's definitely music. This is a song from me to him, kind of saying that I'll always have his back." The audience watched attentively as her angelic voice sang the very poignant lyrics. After Ashley sang the first chorus' lyrics, "Bone for bone we are the same/Bones get tired and they can't carry all the weight/We can talk until you can't even remember my name/Daddy don't you worry, I'll do the remembering/Daddy don't you worry, I'll do the remembering," Larry Gatlin was visibly moved to tears, wiping them away with both hands. She continued to sing about their bond as musicians, guitar players, and most importantly, father and daughter. By the end of the performance, there wasn't a dry eye in the room. Watch her perform "Remembering" in honor of her father below.
  3. Wow looks great and hopefully you'll find something m8
  4. Looks great m8 I would've helped but I got as far as seeing 3 instructions books and then I was lost lol
  5. Wow I'd help but I'm hopeless when it comes to reading instructions and going by that there will be a lot of instructions lol
  6. Oh they've already hit a law firm here including a cabury choclate factory bringing it to a halt gee better race to the supermarket and buy my fix of choclate before it goes to pay the ransom lol
  7. New wave of Ransomware on the move A global WannaCry-like ransomware outbreak–which began in Russia and Ukraine and spread across Europe–is being reported today. The attack is locking down networks in a number of industries, including energy, transportation, shipping and financial. Reports suggest that ransomware is similar in scope and intensity to WannaCry and could be spreading using the same leaked NSA EternalBlue exploit that WannaCry used in early May to infect machines in more than 150 countries. Security experts are still trying to determine what type of ransomware is being distributed. Early theories pointed at Petya while others say the ransomware may be a new strain yet to be identified. Kaspersky Lab malware analyst Vyacheslav Zakorzhevsky said infections were traced to a “new ransomware we haven’t seen before.” Matt Suiche, founder of cyber security firm Comae Technologies, said he saw evidence of infections through SMB, the same vector used by EternalBlue and the accompanying DoublePulsar rootkit; the vulnerability was patched in March by Microsoft in MS17-010. The impact of the attacks are difficult to quantify as they continue. However, Danish transport and energy company Maersk is reporting on its website: “We can confirm that Maersk IT systems are down across multiple sites and business units due to a cyber attack.” Russian oil producer Rosneft said that it has been hit with a “powerful” cyberattack. Reuters is reporting that the Ukrainian central bank has also been hit by a similar cyberattack along with several other financial institutions. “As a result of these cyber attacks these banks are having difficulties with client services and carrying out banking operations,” the central bank said in a statement, according to the Reuters report. Ukrainian officials tweeted images of infected computers at the state-owned Ukrenergo and Kyivenergo power companies. The ransom note reads: “We guarantee that you can recover all your files safely and easily. All you need to do is submit the payment and purchase the decryption key.” Based on current value of bitcoins, the ransom is approximately $300. Meanwhile, the Facebook page of Kiev’s Borispol Airport posted a statement: “Our IT services are working together to resolve the situation. There may be delays in flights due to the situation… The official Site of the airport and the flight schedules are not working.” More Info: https://threatpost.com/second-global-ransomware-outbreak-under-way/126549/ https://threatpost.com/complex-petya-like-ransomware-outbreak-worse-than-wannacry/126561/
  8. Photobucket is now charging to host Images On forums and 3RD party sites Photobucket is now charging to host Images On forums and 3RD party sites Seems liks now if you want to host an omage on a form with your posts etc you'll now have to pay to have your image displayed or you'll get this image and to unlock it and have your image showing you have to pay them so much a year by the looks of it ontop of paying to extend your account etc.
  9. Artists for Grenfell - Bridge Over Troubled Water (Official Video) Donate here to support those affected by the Grenfell Tower Fire: https://artistsforgrenfell.com/ Artists For Grenfell's track "Bridge Over Troubled Water" is out now. Stream and download here iTunes: http://smarturl.it/AFGBOTWits
  10. Skype accounts are getting hacked Skype accounts are getting hacked Skype accounts getting hacked - Are your gadgets safe? Internet outages are more than just a modest inconvenience nowadays. So much critical business is conducted online that whenever it's inaccessible it can be catastrophic. That's why many people were panicked after Monday's nationwide outages were reported. Now, users are reporting outages with a popular video chat service. Are hackers to blame? Is your personal information safe? Hackers could be responsible for Skype outage Millions of people around the world are reporting problems using the popular video chat service Skype. The issues began around the same time mobile users reported internet outages. However, a link between Monday's outages and Skype's issues has yet to be established. Skype users are having connectivity problems. Some are having problems connecting to the service and others are unable to send or receive messages. Skype Support sent a message on Twitter Monday confirming the problems: There is an ongoing incident affecting the ability to connect to the application: http://heartbeat.skype.com/2017/06/skype_connectivity_problems.html We are investigating, stay tuned! — Skype Support (@SkypeSupport) June 19, 2017 The scary thing is, hackers could be behind these issues. The Daily Mail is reporting that a group of cybercriminals dubbed "Cyber Team," is claiming responsibility for Skype's outages. This could be a DDoS attack, like the one that shut down popular sites like Amazon and Netflix last October. DDoS attacks occur when servers are overwhelmed with more traffic than they can handle. These types of attacks are performed with a botnet. A botnet is a group of gadgets that hackers have taken over without the owner's knowledge. The hackers seize control of unwitting gadgets with a virus or malware and then use the network of infected computers to perform large-scale hacks or scams. Microsoft owns Skype and has not verified that hackers are behind the connectivity issues. We'll have to wait for further details. Skype Support is saying that the connectivity issues have been resolved. However, they also said this on Monday and the problems persisted. There could be more to come. In the meantime, you need to keep your gadgets protected from cybercriminals. For hackers to create a botnet, they need to have behind-the-scenes control of the victim's gadget. This is typically done by installing malware through a phishing attack. How to protect against phishing attacks: Be cautious with links - If you get an email or notification that you find suspicious, don't click on its links. It could be a phishing attack. It's always better to type a website's address directly into a browser than clicking on a link. Watch for typos - Phishing scams are infamous for having typos. If you receive an email or notification from a reputable company, it should not contain typos. Take our phishing IQ test to see if you can spot a fake email. Use unique passwords - Many people use the same password for multiple websites. This is a terrible mistake. If your credentials are stolen on one site and you use the same username and/or password on others, it's simple for the cybercriminal to get into each account. Click here to find out how to create hack-proof passwords. Set up two-factor authentication - Two-factor authentication, also known as two-step verification, means that to log in to your account, you need two ways to prove you are who you say you are. It's like the DMV or bank asking for two forms of ID. Click here to learn how to set up two-factor authentication. Check your online accounts - The site Have I Been Pwned allows you to check if your email address has been compromised in a data breach. Have strong security software - Having strong protection on your family's gadgets is very important. The best defense against digital threats is strong security software. http://www.komando.com/happening-now/405170/skype-accounts-getting-hacked-are-your-gadgets-safe


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