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Everything posted by martinmac

  1. From 8th October (Sunday) Rocky Road Show now 'at 5 until 7 .Then Decades 7 'til 10 This weeks ROCKYROAD is about Mr. and Mrs. and the occasional Miss.......
  2. I'd prefer jelly and ice cream
  3. New time from 28th July (after Toby) 8.30pm UK til 11pm 20.30 to 23.00 for you modernists ..Music from Moody Blues,Steely Dan,Little Feat,Lowell George,Renaissance and loads more;
  4. Ok ...a bit of fun...replace any word in a Beatles song title with the word ASSHOLE...Here comes the Asshole........thats your starter
  5. Well,well there;s been a lot of it about (some places)..so here's some more SUN
  6. 10 PM uk TIME 5PM EST .Music from Grateful Dead,Jerry Garcia,Crazy Horse,Santana,John Otway,Loudon Wainwright 111 .Joni Mitchell and much more
  7. Lost and Found...Lost/Found/Lost etc...?????????
  8. It's amazing what you can get in IKEA isn' t it?
  9. ROCKYROADSHOW Sunday 2nd July..4pm 'til 6pm June in the 1980's For our younger listeners!!!!!!great music,minimal waffle martinmac
  10. ROCKYROADSHOW..4pm 'til 6pm June in the 1970s...great music,minimal waffle martinmac
  11. Featuring music from Black Sabbath,April Wine,Allman Brothers,King Crimson,Iron Butterfly,Grateful Dead,Jon Anderson and much more.Mellower tunes in final hour...from 10pm UK 5pmEST

    Last time I was at a Festival we still had LSD(both forms) so I keep my festival pleasures to the comfort of my own home ,where there is a remote button and a TIVO box. So my impressions of it so far.Those of you who have caught any of my shows will know I have a pretty broad taste in music,So in no particular order here are my impressions Kris Kristofferson..A songwriting genius who in all honesty has not been a great vocalist.At the age of 81 ,to his credit and that of his care home,he got through what should have been a mesmerising performance but in the end he was just mesmerised. Royal Blood Much lauded and to some extent well deserved but with me jury still out...great drummer though George Ezra Very talented and engaging, a winner Sleaford Mods I do like these guys and the fella with the bottle of beer is a legend..his function? Well somebody has to push play on the beatbox The Lemon Twigs New to me but show great promise..tight little band Clean Bandit Festival favourites and rightly so Anderson.Paak Heard a couple of things of his/theirs before...they were great and the guy switching to drums was cool Darlingside Seriously good little 4 piece harmony group..watch out for /listen out for And finally Radiohead....well I have never really got into them so I was determined to give them a go...when I woke up during Creep..it basically summed them up for me...insomniac music and I am not an insomniac. Obviously there was a lot more going on but with listening to RBX and doing my show...so little time and so much music
  13. GLASTONBURY FROM A SOFA DAY 2 A few more random comments: Kaiser Chiefs Awesomely confident..Ricky whatsisname learned from his TV experiences Liam Gallagher Awesomely arrogant with that Manc Strut...nice touch with Don't Look Back in Anger Foo Fighters This is were the remote button got plenty of use..Dave Grohl determined to outswear Adele (challenge won)..If they had concentrated more on music might have won over more fans..for me ..stick to what you do best.....Remote kept switching to.. The Jacksons..Or the Jackson 4..highly polished..tight backing band...Marlon the new Michael? Highlight was Gone too Soon by Jermaine Warpaint Heard a few things by them before... wasn't sure but they nailed it..at last a good girl band Sanghoy Blues Like this outfit..improving all the time Katy Perry A show that would be awesome in the dark (with lighting)..costume changes for dancers...not a size 14 or higher in sight (is that sexist?) Solange Beyonce's kid sister..lot of red..should stick to her day job...Oh this is her day job!!! I thought she was just a celeb...
  14. THAT 70S SHOW..10pm 'til midnight Tracks from Moody Blues,West,Bruce&Laing,Zappa,Kevin Coyne,Syd Barrett,Harry Chapin,Caravan,Peter Tosh and much more...Join me
  15. THAT 70S SHOW

    10PM TIL MIDNIGHT.... First hour includes Yes,Gentle Giant,Ten Years After,Hawkwind, Funkadelic and more...second hour more mellow...Join me .........or not,,,,
  16. Sorry Scotty....did not see your greetings....Belated enjoyment
  17. RockyRoadShow Sunday 4pm til 6pm June in her 60s ???!!! Relive those musical memories
  18. May 21st......Memories in a musical way...just the usual mixed up great tunes from 4pm to 6pm
  19. TONIGHT (tonite?) 10pm til midnite(midnight?) rbxradio.com martinmac First hour includes Yes,Gentle Giant,Ten Years After,Hawkwind, Funkadelic and more...second hour more mellow...Join me .........or not,,,,
  20. You mean pukka not vomit...dont you?1??1/


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