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  1. what you need time to sort out requests ,lol tut tut tut
  2. nice choice Phoenix,,i suppose my all time fav would be a 32 model b,,also its in 1 of the great movies,,?? lol to easy ,sat in both at the 32 and 55 at universal studios Florida back in 2002,
  3. loll och eye the noo,,its scots on the rocks lol
  4. opps nearly forgot this is my own design and i aint got a clue if it will work but,,it looks awesome,,if it works great ,i'll take orders for xmas lol
  5. its aw done, now its time for a disney sing along lol,,Hi Hoooooooo Hi Hoooooooo,its of to gold we go lol,made a water thingy from a fuel filler ,lenth of hose and a few connections,,idea is put the filler up stream and let the force of the river work the spray bars on the top .did take a small vid of it working but canny upload on here lol ,so the final pics before its maiden prospect lol
  7. got to give it a go m8 lol
  8. so in between building a wooden goose-neck chop,and building my CNC router,playing tunes ect,thought i would take up gold panning lol ,,me and stevie rodger gonna give it a blast,lol only 15mins from my house,,,so im build a gold sluice,suction pump,got that done,an underwater viewer with a magnifying glass on top,thats done as well,lol just started cutting and bending the ally for the sluice a few pics of where im at so far lol
  9. Yellow Asshole
  10. im sure iv seen that somewhere before??,is it not an merlin engine from a ww2 plane??
  11. after last weeks bit of rock n roll thought it would be good to play some tunes from a couple of my fave films,,American Graffiti and The Wanderers,loads of great tracks to choose from,,will see if i can get a few snips from them ,,,lol
  12. i have a few but a lancia delta evo pulls the auld strings lol,,only thing is they keep costing more each year,lol this 1 for sale at a snip for £31,000....prob the cheapest going about in this nick ,oooooooooooo mama god yesssss o o o oohhhhhhhhhhh god yes
  13. been ages since i did a covers set ,,lol
  14. a few more pics,,getting the electrics sorted along with a few bits more,,
  15. 1st friday of the month and its been ages since i did a live track show ,so join me Mikey-J for the live classic rock show 2mora night from 7pm till 10pm,got a few bellters lined up


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