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  1. Yellow Asshole
  2. im sure iv seen that somewhere before??,is it not an merlin engine from a ww2 plane??
  3. after last weeks bit of rock n roll thought it would be good to play some tunes from a couple of my fave films,,American Graffiti and The Wanderers,loads of great tracks to choose from,,will see if i can get a few snips from them ,,,lol
  4. i have a few but a lancia delta evo pulls the auld strings lol,,only thing is they keep costing more each year,lol this 1 for sale at a snip for £31,000....prob the cheapest going about in this nick ,oooooooooooo mama god yesssss o o o oohhhhhhhhhhh god yes
  5. been ages since i did a covers set ,,lol
  6. a few more pics,,getting the electrics sorted along with a few bits more,,
  7. 1st friday of the month and its been ages since i did a live track show ,so join me Mikey-J for the live classic rock show 2mora night from 7pm till 10pm,got a few bellters lined up
  8. hahahaha if only
  9. ye mads 3 books of the buggers lol
  10. yep the ideas are bouncin all over the place lol
  11. after years of saying im gonna get 1 lol i have although its kit form it has great reviews 1000 x 1500 cnc router,might be a couple of weeks before its all finished and ready for work lol,so im gonna post pics of the build ect,,its realy an adult pro mechano pro kit lol,fecking screws,nuts,spacers ect loads o the buggers lol 8 hrs so far
  12. lol yep,,you what they say if you cant afford a good car,get a car you can a ford lol
  13. hi folks,just had 1 of they thoughts lol gonna play a 1 hr special of guitar ballads no singing,mic,ect just fantastic tunes,so join me Mikey-j 2mora night for prob 'The best relaxing rock hr ever vol 1' ,,lol
  14. its very sad M8 and the worse thing is it wont stop and make landlords do anything that costs them money
  15. got the banner in a great spot,,and handed out 3 to 400 flyers,,heres hoping we get a response


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