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Scotty-D Owner

Squeaking puppy swallowed 8in-long knife

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A puppy called Macie was "extremely lucky to survive" after swallowing an 8-inch (20cm) long kitchen knife, according to experts.

Fortunately, the handle went in first rather than the blade which would have pierced her organs and probably caused fatal injuries.

The handle passed through Macie's stomach and into her intestines, while the tip of the knife was still in her gullet, an X-ray showed.

A vet carried out emergency surgery to remove the object and the operation was a success. Macie is now recovering and healing well.

The scare started when her owner Irene Paisley, from Glasgow, noticed the 12-week-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier making a squeaking sound and then choking.

She said: "I thought she'd swallowed part of a toy. Then she was sick, but there was no sign of a toy and she started choking."

Ms Paisley, 46, said she was "terrified" and by the time they arrived at the vet "there was blood coming out of her nose".

Having lost her previous Staffie to cancer just two months earlier, Ms Paisley feared the worst.

She said: "The loss of our previous dog was still very raw and the thought of losing Macie was devastating."

She said she could not believe it when experts told her the puppy had swallowed a knife.

Ms Paisley added: "I have no idea where she got hold of it. She could have pinched it out of the dishwasher, but no-one saw what happened.

"None of us could sleep that night as we knew Macie might not survive."

But the operation went well and the following morning Macie was transferred to a PDSA Pet Hospital, where her recovery began.

Vet Emily Ronald said: "The morning after surgery, she was bouncing all over the place as if nothing had happened.

"Macie has been back for frequent check-ups over the past two weeks and we're pleased she's recovering and healing well."


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oh yeah I saw this story a few months ago

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