April Newsletter 2017

Newsletter April 2017

Happy easter one and all and hope your not all getting to fat on the

choky lol ….

Welcome to spring here in the uk, Yes that time of year when everything statrts to bloom including the gigs. Personally RBX love to get out and catch as many as possible money allowing lol. Its where we get to find some of the great artists/bands that we became friends with and play frequently on the station.

Remember guys we also have DJs from around the world, who also attend gigs in thier countries and also bring in some fantastic talent. But if you really like your unsigned/indie music you can check out a ton of bands on Rock Bandom our magazine site just for unsigned and indie bands/artists  Click Here…






Greg Holden – The Lost Boy (Official Music Video)

RBX Radio track of the month! Greg Holden The Lost Boy….

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