Adamski ( Mixed Music Covering All Genres)

RBX Radio Presenters Bio


Mixed Rock, Stoner Rock, Trippy stuff & more…

Adamski AKA ‘The Hippie from hell!’ No stranger to radio well banter anyway. A pro on the amateur air waves across the globe, He started out playing music to close friends at parties at home and across his ametuer radio. Being best friends with Scotty-D owner of Rock Bandom Radio, Adamski jumped at the chance to become both a presenter and the CEO of the station, and thus the journey began.  Adamski has a passion for music ranging from hippie to hard and heavy rock. You can expect to hear a great mix when tuned in to an adamski show and don’t forget all the great banter too lol.


  • Wednesday - 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm