DJ Kevin – (Mixed Music Show)

RBX Radio Presenters Bio


DJ Kevin

Started out as a DJ in a coffee lounge at the age of 16 while still at school
Annoyed the living daylights out of local DJ’s until I was given a weekend spot, the one that none of the station’s staff wanted.
Eventually graduated from University with a business degree (was the easiest one to get).
Was dragged into the Australian Army for National Service after which a travelled the world for two years, occasionally picking up some radio station fill in jobs. (The Aussie accent was a novelty)
Upon returning to Australia I knew what I wanted to do in my life. I had to start at the bottom again. Before getting back into radio I tried to be a rock star. That did not turn out lucrative.
So back to rural radio and the climb back to the big city stations.
It took a while to eventually get a regular spot in a high rating station.
From there, like many AM/FM jocks I moved around stations chasing the money.
Eventually I became disillusioned with commercial radio that had stripped the DJ’s freedom with stringent program control.
With a group of other similar thinking announcers we formed a group and establish one of the first community FM stations in Australia.
During that time my main income was from a company I and a partner established running Single Clubs and Mobile DJ’s.
As time went by, the kids grew up, I semi retired and remain that way.
Online radio. I love it. It is what the old days were like. DJ’s have more freedom to play the music they love and aim that music to whoever wants to listen. Music that no terrestrial radio station will not dare to play
It is an exciting period of broadcasting and I love being part of it.


  • Monday - 7:00 am - 10:00 am

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