DR John (Mixed Rock Music & Mayhem)

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Dr Johns unsigned rock surgery,  Unsigned/indie rock scene….

John Forster AKA the Dr. hosts Dr Johns Unsigned Rock Surgery,
the show is based solely around Indie and unsigned Rock orientated Music. He started  years ago as a mess around before going on air with Haunted Cornwall, spinning a few rock tracks while we were waiting, that became Alan and Johns Rock Show. It then started getting popular and increased from 1/2 hr to 1 hr and became an actual show.  It kept gaining in popularity so we increased the time again. In the begining we became affiliated with Birmingham City Radio and continued to grow.  John moved from Cornwall to Devon and so Alans and Johns Rock Show became Johns Rock Show.  Around 5 years ago John had the idea to play totally unsigned rock,and this is when it started to really grow. So here we are Dr Johns Unsigned Rock Surgery. We are now the number ONE unsigned rock show on the net and live three times a week on Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 1pm EST 6pm GMT for 3 hours a show.


  • Tuesday - 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm