Scotty-D (Mixed Music & Fun)

RBX Radio Presenters Bio


Scotty-D started off in his bedroom as a small child with an old stereogram and a simple set of disco lights mounted to the top of his wardrobe. He knew then his passion for being a DJ had struck. Later on in life he kept doing discos up until they fizzled out and family life took over. After a few years break he tried his hand at online radio and has never looked back. With a passion for  Music along with being an avid web designer he decided to start RBX Radio, which to this day is growing stronger and now has a massive following.  This old pro has lived through 40+ years of music and loves it all from old school classics to alternative modern day tunes, you’ll get a good show every time with Scotty-D



  • Wednesday - 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm