All Indie with Bobby B (Mixed Rock, Indie & More)

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All Indie with Bobby B and Christie

All Indie with Bobby B is show dedicated to the best INDIE scene Canada has to offer. A very diverse show and full of energy. Includes live performances and interviews monthly Tune in each and every Tuseday from 12-3am UK or 8pm-11pm (est)on

His personal bio: Bobby B Bobby B is an indie bassist with the band Battered Egos, from Niagara Falls ON. Bobby got his foot in the door with music early in Northern Ontario. He arrived in Niagara in the late 90’s Taking an interest in jamming with other artists from around the region. Meeting many INDIE artists through open mics/jams and traveling with Battered Egos relationships were built and then internet radio was brough to his attention. “Why not take this opprotunity to share the Indepentent artists from Ontario with the world” was his thought. Here he is and delivers as much music from his scene as he possibly can in a 3hr show each week.


  • Wednesday - 1:00 am - 3:00 am